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The Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits.jpg
Released   -   November 20, 2007
Recorded   -   N/A
Length   -   67:54
Label   -   Sparrow Records
Chart Positions   -  Top Christian Albums: #27
Previous Album   -  GO Remixed
Next Album   -  Houston We Are GO Live

The Greatest Hits is Newsboys' second greatest hits album and third major compilation, released in 2007. It includes newer songs that the first greatest hits album, Shine: The Hits could, as well as some old ones. It includes two new songs, Stay Strong and I Fought the La...

Track Listing[]

  1. I Fought the La... - 3:06 (New Song)
  2. Breakfast - 3:37 (From Take Me to Your Leader)
  3. Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye) - 4:14 (From Thrive)
  4. Shine - 3:41 (From Going Public)
  5. Something Beautiful - 3:51 (From GO)
  6. In the Belly of the Whale - 3:05 (From Veggie Rocks!)
  7. He Reigns - 4:55 (From Adoration: The Worship Album)
  8. Wherever We Go- 3:27 (From GO)
  9. Take Me To Your Leader - 2:51 (From Take Me to Your Leader)
  10. Stay Strong - 4:09 (New Song)
  11. Entertaining Angels - 4:18 (From Step Up to the Microphone)
  12. Reality - 3:28 (From Take Me to Your Leader)
  13. You Are My King (Amazing Love) - 4:29 (From Adoration: The Worship Album)
  14. Real Good Thing - 2:44 (From Going Public)
  15. Joy - 3:43 (From Shine: The Hits)
  16. Spirit Thing - 3:26 (From Going Public)
  17. It Is You - 4:21 (From Thrive)
  18. I'm Not Ashamed - 4:25 (From Not Ashamed)

Differences from Shine: The Hits[]

New Tracks[]

I Fought the La...
Million Pieces
Something Beautiful
In the Belly of the Whale
He Reigns
Wherever We Go
Stay Strong
You Are My King (Amazing Love)
Real Good Thing
It Is You

Tracks Left Off[]

Step Up to the Microphone
God Is Not a Secret
Where You Belong/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
I Got Your Number


  • This album doesn't contain any songs from Love Liberty Disco or Devotion despite them being released and successful at the time this compilation was made.