The article is about the song. For the compilation, see Shine: The Hits.

Single Chronology
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Single Chronology
Previous Single   -  Truth Be Known - Everybody Gets a Shot (video only)
Next Single   -  I'm Not Ashamed (remixed)

Shine is the second track on Newsboys' fifth album, Going Public. It was released as the single and became a giant hit. It is now one of the most recognizable of Newsboys' songs, and is somewhat of their signature song. It was a lock for compilations Shine: The Hits, The Greatest Hits, and The Ultimate Collection. It was performed live on Houston We Are GO Live. It is also featured in the CCM hits compilation WOW 1996. A remixed version, called "Shine 2000", was released as a radio single for the Entertaining Angels EP.


dull as dirt
you can´t assert the kind of light
that might persuade
a strict dictator to retire
fire the army
teach the poor origami
the truth is in
the proof is when
you hear your heart start asking,
"What´s my motivation?"

and try as you may, there isn´t a way
to explain the kind of change
that would make an Eskimo renounce fur
that would make a vegetarian barbecue hamster
unless you can trace this about-face
to a certain sign...

make ´em wonder what you´ve got
make ´em wish that they were not
on the outside looking bored

let it shine before all men
let´em see good works, and then
let ´em glorify the Lord

out of the shaker and onto the plate
it isn´t Karma
it sure ain´t fate
that would make a Deadhead sell his van
that would make a schizophrenic turn in his crayons
Oprah freaks
and science seeks a rationale
that shall excuse
this strange behavior

when you let it shine you will inspire
the kind of entire turnaround
that would make a bouncer take ballet
(even bouncers who aren't happy)
but out of the glare with nowhere to turn
you ain´t gonna learn it on "What´s My Line?"

(female voices shush, chorus X3, song ends)

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