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Running to You is the ninth track on Newsboys' fourteenth studio album, Born Again. It was written by Michael Tait, Wes Campbell, and The Write Brothers.


Somebody told me about a place

Oh I can see it,
But I've gotta change my ways
Day after day it’s the same old thing
I keep repeating, no reason to stay this way

I know what I have to do
get back to what i know is true

When everything is broken,
There’s a door wide open
You’ll find me running through
More than just emotion
My broken heart has chosen, Jesus
I’m Running to You
I’m Running to You

I can see the tear on your face

you feel defeated

Wonder what are you living for?

Selfish dreams left you time and time

empty handed

There’s gotta be something more


You know what you have to do

get back to who you know is true

You're the only one

who can fix what i've become

Oh God I beliveve in Your love

(chorus 3x)

Jesus I’m Running to You