Peter Andrew Furler was one of the original members of Newsboys. He helped start the band in 1985 with bassist Sean Taylor, vocalist John James, and George Perdikis. Furler became the band's drummer. However, in late 1997, James left the band, so Furler became the band's new lead singer, and Duncan Phillips became the new drummer. His first album as vocalist was Step Up to the Microphone. In 1999, he founded Inpop Records. Furler remained lead singer until 2009. He did the vocals for In the Hands of God, Newsboys' thirteenth studio album, and then announced that former dc Talk vocalist Michael Tait would be performing vocals for the band during their tour for the album, The Way We Roll Tour.

In 2011, Peter released his first solo album, "On Fire".  His second release was "Sun And Shield" with his new band, Peter Furler Band featuring Dave Ghazarian and Jeff Irizarry and became available March 11, 2014.  

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  • Furler appeared on City on a Hill: Songs of Worship and Praise, a worship project involving many artists, on the ninth track, "Unified", with SONICFLOOd.


Peter Furler was born in Adelaide,South Australia on September 8,1966. He was currently lead singer for the well known Christian band Newsboys. He left the group in 2009 and gave position to Michael Tait formerly of DC Talk. His height is 5'9". He is married to Mylon Lefevre's daughter, Summer.

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