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Live: Houston We Are GO
Houston We Are Go.jpg
Released   -   September 30, 2008
Recorded   -   Spring 2007
Label   -   Inpop
Producer(s)   -   Peter Furler, Tedd T.
Chart Positions   -  Top Christian Albums: #14
Previous Album   -  The Greatest Hits
Next Album   -  [[Something Beautiful EP]]

Live: Houston We Are GO is a live CD/DVD by Newsboys. It was released in 2008, via Inpop Records.

Track Listing[]

  1. Shine
  2. Wherever We Go
  3. The Mission
  4. Something Beautiful
  5. Blessed Be Your Name
  6. Stay Strong
  7. B Stage Medley: I'm Not Ashamed/Reality/Love Liberty Disco/You Are My King (Amazing Love)
  8. Entertaining Angels
  9. He Reigns
  10. Breakfast
  11. Your Love Is Better Than Life
  12. Drum Solo
  13. I Am Free
  14. Peter's Testimony


  • The music at the beginning is a clip from the remixed version of It Is You from Newsboys Remixed.
  • The short song at the beginning during the remix of It is You is part of Go (I Wanna Send You).
  • At many times, Peter Furler replaces the lyrics of the songs with lyrics involving Texas:
    • In Shine, he says "even bouncers who aren't from Texas", instead of the usual "happy" or "gay".
    • In Something Beautiful, he says "the love between Texas and I" instead of "the love between you and I".
    • In Breakfast, Furler tells a (false) story about him and a man from Texas.
    • In Your Love Is Better Than Life, he says "lie awake and make Texas believe" instead of "make a city believe".
    • In I Am Free he sings the words "Houston, Texas" a few times.