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John Woo is the ninth track on Newsboys' eighth studio album, Thrive. It was released as a radio single, and appeared in the compilation "X 2003".

Lyrics Edit

Roll down the windows
Don't shift in your seat
I don't care if the wind blows
I don't care about the heat
All those John Woo showdowns
Don't prepare you for this:
A little bit Face-Off
A little Killers...kiss

Listen hard
This is why a band hires a bodyguard
Draws 'em
Don't let it show
Driver, there's a bee trapped in the limo
(Driver, there's a mad bee in my limo)

When a bug plays chicken
Feathers fly
If the driver's allergic
One sting, we die
A real buzz-killer
Wouldn't have missed
I'm just making him meaner
With every flick of my Gucci-wielding wrist

John Woo, John Woo
John Woo, John Woo

Listen hard
This is why I needed a library card
Finds 'em
Knocking about
Driver, there's a metaphor trying to get out

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Trivia Edit

  • The song references and is named after John Woo, a Chinese film director.

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