by Paul Colman
Released   -   January 27, 2009
Label   -   Inpop
Previous Album   -  Let It Go
Next Album   -  If I Was Jesus EP

History is former Newsboys guitarist Paul Colman's best-of album, including songs from his time with the Paul Colman Trio and his solo career.

Track Listing Edit

  1. "If I Was Jesus" (4:15) (new song; Toby Keith cover)
  2. "History Maker" (4:45) (new song; Delirious? cover)
  3. "Holding On To You" (3:48) (from Let It Go)
  4. "Turn" (3:41) (from New Map of the World)
  5. "Run" (3:56) (from New Map of the World)
  6. "Fill My Cup" (4:19) (from New Map of the World)
  7. "Gloria (All God's Children)" (4:04) (from Let It Go)
  8. "The One Thing" (3:54) (from Let It Go)
  9. "Solution" (4:14) (from One)
  10. "Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation" (4:33) (new song; Larry Norman cover)
  11. "All U Need" (3:24) (new song)
  12. "The Killing Tree" (5:46) (from New Map of the World)
  13. "I Owe It All" (4:33) (from Let It Go)

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