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Down Under The Big Top
Down Under the Big Top.jpg
Released   -   October 15, 1996
Length   -   60 minutes
Label   -   Star Song Moving Pictures
Producer(s)   -   Steve Taylor
Previous Album   -  Not Ashamed: The Video
Next Video   -  Live One Night In Pennsylvania

Down Under the Big Top is a movie by the Newsboys released in 1996. It has former bassist Kevin Mills. It was made right after Take Me to Your Leader.


  • John James as Himself
  • Peter Furler as Himself
  • Phil Joel as Himself
  • Jody Davis as Himself
  • Duncan Phillips as Himself
  • Jeff Frankenstein as Himself
  • Mark Lowry as Commercial Director
  • Steve Taylor as Himself
  • Gary Chapman as Clergy
  • Phil Madeira as Hack the Clown
  • Greg Menza as Sack the Clown
  • Amy Glass as Darlene
  • Becky Glass as Carlene
  • Robert Granger as Mongo
  • Ben Pearson as Uncle Luigi
  • Russ Long as "Free Bird" the Stagehand
  • Gregg Jampol as Weight-loss ad guy