dc Talk

American Christian Rock/Hip-Hop Band
Years Active 1988-2001
Genres R&B

Hip Hop
Christian Rock

Labels ForeFront Records

Virgin Records

Website dctalk.com

dc Talk is a Christian rock/hip-hop trio from Lynchburg, Virginia. It was formed in 1988. The members were Michael Tait, tobyMac, and Kevin Max. The group has been on indefinite hiatus since 2001, though they have played a few songs since. They are most known for their 1995 album Jesus Freak, and the song Jesus Freak from that album.

Discography[edit | edit source]

  • 1988: Christian Rhymes to a Rhythm (demo tapes)
  • 1989: DC Talk
  • 1990: Nu Thang
  • 1992: Free at Last
  • 1995: Jesus Freak
  • 1998: Supernatural
  • 2000: Intermission
  • 2001: Solo

Similarity to Newsboys[edit | edit source]

Although dc Talk and Newsboys have very different music styles, many of dc Talk's fans were Newsboys fans. Around the time Free At Last was released, Newsboys were starting to get recognition with Not Ashamed, and around the time dc Talk were changing the Christian music world with Jesus Freak, Newsboys had just released their own hit album, Going Public. tobyMac had guest-starred on a new version of God Is Not a Secret, and Michael Tait had guest starred on Thrive: From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and sang backing vocals on the original recording of Glorious. In early 2009, Tait became the lead vocalist of Newsboys, due to former lead vocalist Peter Furler retiring. His first radio single with Newsboys was a new version of Glorious. With Tait, Newsboys have covered Jesus Freak during concerts, and eventually recorded as a track on their album, Born Again.

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