Corey Pryor was the first keyboardist for the Newsboys. Corey joined in 1989 but left a year later, right before Hell Is For Wimps. He came back in 1991, but left for the last time in 1993. Corey left to play with his wife in a band called SoZo. After working with Sozo he also went on to work as a freelance producer and musician for Trans-Continentail a management company that produced backstreet boys and Nsyc. In 2000 he moved back to Australia and setup up a small studio and produced local artists including his sister Naomi Pryor. In 2010 he became a lead pastor of a church campus "Dream Centre South". On the side Corey is also still producing and playing live as a soloist making music and is considered to be one of Australia's best Deep House and Chill House artists. He has also created an album which is the first in history called "Elements" which is based on the frequency of the human body, this is achieved using a specially created synthesizer developed by Dr David Van Koevering called the "Table of Elements Synthisizer" It is unique to Corey and through the great relationship of David and Corey forged a new form of music. In 2015 Corey landed a DJ residency at Chapter & Verse since then has moved back into producing music in the POP arena working closely with the from team from "The Kennel" in Sweden under Hayden Bell working out of the Australian camp "The Music Hit Factory".

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